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What is a Commuter Benefit Plan?


A Commuter Benefit Plan is a tax-free benefit authorized by Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 132(f), which allows employees to pay for certain workplace commuting expenses, including mass transit and parking, on a pre-tax basis. A Commuter Benefit Plan from Benefit Resource combines convenient access to funds through the Beniversal® or eTRAC® Prepaid Mastercard® with compliant, streamlined administration.

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How does Benefit Resource Compare?

Benefit Resource provides unique advantages over other transit and parking programs. Here are a few of the reasons Benefit Resource is the premiere choice for commuter benefit programs in New York City.

Feature Benefit Resource Competitor Programs
Voucher Program Pass Fulfillment Cash Reimbursement Typical Card Programs
Allow employers to take advantage of tax-free commuter benefits
Compliant with Section 132 and NYC Transit Law Compliance issues may exist Compliance issues may exist
Minimal time commitment to administer    
No monthly orders to take    
No administration for unused passes    
Simplified administration        
Reloadable debit card for accessing funds      
Option to combine mass transit, parking and health accounts on a single card        
Widespread acceptance and payment flexibility      
One commuter benefit solution for multiple locations and metro areas      
No loss of unused fare / No pre-purchase requirements      
Flexibility with purchase decisions and timing    
Flat monthly administration fees        
No transaction fees        
Accomodate workplace parking and mass transit from a single card        
Regional support to assist with enrollment meetings and questions        
Mobile access to account balances and claims submission        

How does the Benefit Resource Solution Work?

Benefit Resource leverages the proprietary technology of the Beniversal Card, along with streamlined online adminstration options, to provide a flexible and easy-to-administer Commuter Benefit Plan.

The Benefit Resource Solution Features:

  • Convenient access to mass transit funds with the option to include parking and health account benefits on the same card. If the Beniversal Card cannot be used, claims can be submitted real-time through BRiMobile app or BRiWeb.
  • Comprehensive employer support for enrollments, education and program design.
  • Easy-to-use employer login for managing program, enrolling participants, downloading resources and accessing reports.
  • 24/7 account access for participants. Through BRiWeb, participants can enroll, make changes to elections, submit claims, view account information and download forms and resources.
  • On-the go support with the BRiMobile app to view balances, access recent transactions and submit claims.
  • Personal support for questions through Participant Services by phone and live chat (available in English and Spanish).
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